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1 African Hair Growth Cream You Should try Making

African Hair Growth Cream You Should Try

Everyone would love to have thick, luscious hair. and there’s many ways to go about it. Below we provide an African hair growth cream you can make by yourself to improve your hair texture and make it grow healthy and fast. This should be pretty simple and easy to make.

What We Need. 

Weed seeds or cannabis seeds/hemp seeds. It’s quite easy to get them over here in Africa as long as you know someone that grows them. Not sure about the rest of the world. Cannabis seeds look something like this

african hair growth cream
Cannabis Seeds

And a good amount is needed in order to make enough to last you for a while. 

Something to roast/fry the seeds in: 

This could be anything, as long as you achieve your goal of frying the seed properly and long enough then anything is allowed. Note that it has to be safe and not cause harm to your surroundings.


Grinder or pounder:

african hair growth cream
Asanka and Tapoli

This is to grind or mash the seeds into paste after you’re done frying them. Seeds need to be finely grinded as much as possible in order for it to mix properly with whatever you’re adding it to. Good idea to wash this properly before you use it again next time. Don’t want the person cooking or eating from it high as a kite when they use it.


Your Favorite hair cream or Shea butter: 

shea butter african hair growth cream webnation
Shea Butter

Shear butter or “inku” / “inkuto” as it’s called in Ghana. Is a yellowish butter or cream that can be applied to the skin or hair to give it a pleasant shine or glow. It also makes the skin soft and is used in the majority  of body cream and hair products. 


A quiet place, your own home:

Seriously the smell will be strong with this one and I advise against making it in a shared home or somewhere where your neighbors are likely to smell it and call the police on you. Better safe than to be sorry. 


A plastic or metallic container:

Plastic Container with Lid – LBI Fiberglass Products

This is used for storing your own mixture. It can be anything, as long as it has a lid and makes it easy for you to add content to it.


The Process

Drying the seeds:

Spread the seeds out on a baking sheet or any flat surface and leave in the sun for a while to become dry. If seeds are already dry there is no need for this. Proceed to the next step.

Roasting the seeds: 

Put the seeds on low heat and allow to slowly fry or roast. You don’t need to have the temperature too high, else it will burn. Do it patiently and you should see it get darker and oily. The smell gets pretty strong at this point. Living on your own property or being somewhere secluded is really important at this step.

Mashing/ Pounding/ Grinding the seeds:

Use your preferred method of turning the seeds into paste and try to make it as smooth as possible. Grind it till you cant anymore. No one wants bits of weed seeds in their hair. unless you don’t mind.


Mix the paste you just created with the Shea butter into the new plastic container you have and store it in a cool and dry place. You may also add peppermint to improve performance. Add other lavenders as you wish. It is all up to you at this point. Whatever smells good to you.

Cannabis seeds could be quite expensive compared to hemp seeds. Switching them shouldn’t be a problem. whatever you can afford. Alternatively, you could just purchase hair cream with weed/cannabis/hemp seeds in it. This is just a cool DIY for you to make your own African hair growth cream to try at home.

We hope you enjoyed the guide to making your own African hair growth cream. This is mainly used by the locals and it works. We hope it works for you and that you learned something new.

Want other guides? Share them in the comments below and we will reply asap. 

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