10 Most Developed Cities In Africa



Africa is one of the top continents currently experiencing immense growth, with most of its countries gaining prominence in their economic value, import & export rates, and infrastructural development.


Though Africa is usually projected on national television as an ‘urban area without development, it isn’t true in its entirety. Each country in Africa boasts of its ‘New York city’, despite the torrents of civil turmoil, an ailing economy, and sluggish leadership. The countries that make up the continent each possess one or more sophisticated cities, eager to transform the world’s perception of it.


There are many lovely cities in Africa, but we have selected some of them that stand out and even compete with famous cities on other continents. WebnationAfrica presents you with the top 10 most developed cities in Africa!


  • Lagos (Nigeria)

Lagos city is currently the most populous city in Nigeria and the whole of West Africa. This fabulous city holds everything you could ever ask for. It is one of the busiest cities on the continent and is home to a large number of businesses.


From 1975 to 1991, this famous city served as the federal capital of Nigeria. Lagos was replaced as the state capital by Ikeja, and Abuja was replaced as the federal capital by Lagos.


Most of Nigeria’s financial and business centers have their administrative headquarters in Lagos. The city is also home to Nigeria’s largest seaport, which is a major international trade hub. Among its many achievements include magnificent skyscrapers that house high-end apartments and businesses.


The city currently holds more than 20 million people.


  • Accra (Ghana)

Accra is currently the capital, administrative, and economic stronghold of the country Ghana. The World Bank estimated in 2008 that Accra’s economy accounted for more than $3 billion of Ghana’s total GDP (GDP).

Manufacturing, marketing, banking, insurance, and transportation are all the major industries you will find in the city. Being the capital of Ghana, Accra also holds most of the governmental head offices, the Ghana Stock Exchange, foreign exchange bureaus, and other major financial intuitions.

The city is also adjacent to the Tema Port, which acts as Ghana’s cross-country business hub.

With state-of-the-art Public and private schools, research institutions, sports stadiums, and worship houses, Accra is definitely a city deserving of admiration.


  • Johannesburg (South Africa)

Next on our list is Johannesburg, a very popular and prosperous city in South Africa. This city is one of the finest choice destinations for investment and tourists alike.  Known as the financial and business capital of South Africa, Johannesburg is a well-developed city that is home to many attractions such as the City Deep, and the Apartheid Museum.


Arguably South Africa’s largest city, Johannesburg is located in the Gauteng province. It is popularly known as South Africa’s major industrial and financial centre, housing top educational and research institutions, Cutting-edge contemporary galleries, and the new Maboneng Precinct, It is a city established around the dreams and ambitions of its people.


Johannesburg is also called Jo’burg, Jozi, E’Goli, or commonly known as the “city of gold,” due to its affiliation with the metal. More than 9 million people live in the city.


  • Abidjan (Ivory Coast)

Ivory Coast’s capital is Abidjan. In addition, it is the country’s focal point for trade investment. The city is home to a museum dedicated to traditional Ivoirian art and a national library and various agricultural and scientific research facilities.


 It remains one of Africa’s most developed cities, with beautiful skylines and tourism attractions. The enormous Hôtel Ivoire, which includes a bowling alley, cinema, casino, and Western Africa’s only ice rink, is one of the most luxurious hotels in Africa.


 Because of its infrastructure, Abidjan has consistently ranked among Africa’s largest, most beautiful, and developed cities.


  • Dar Es Salaam (Tanzania)

Dar Es Salaam is a city in Tanzania that literally lives up to the translation of its name, ‘Abode of peace’. The city was formerly the national capital of the country until the crown was moved to Dodoma in 1996.


Known as the most peaceful city in Africa, Dar Es Salaam is a city with a population of more than six million residents.


Many of Dar Es Salaam’s buildings reflect the city’s colonial past, with architectural building styles displaying a rich mix of traditions from various continents. The city’s stronghold has a vast number of skyscrapers blocking out most of the sun. providing a mostly shaded street all around.


Top hospitals, technical and educational institutes, the high court, established libraries, and the National Museum are a result of the major development occurring in the city.


Dar Es Salaam’s beaches, nightlife, and investment opportunities make it a wonderful place to visit.


  • Addis Ababa (Ethiopia)

Addis Ababa’s infrastructure and soaring skyscrapers reflect the city’s status as Ethiopia’s capital and largest city. With a population of more than five million people, the city is divided into various districts. These districts include the Plateau, Cocody (home of the National University of Côte d’Ivoire), Treichville, Adjame, Koumassi, and Marcory.


It is home to amazing people and a plethora of attractions to keep you occupied, like the Ethiopian National Museum, Mount Entoto, Lion Park, and others.


  • Nairobi (Kenya)

Nairobi is a popular tourist destination in Africa since it is home to several international and local animal conservation institutions. With a population of more than 4.5 million people, it is one of Africa’s most important cities, both economically and politically, with hundreds of local enterprises and significant hub investments.


Nairobi, Kenya’s most populous city, is home to several multinational enterprises and international agencies, including the United Nations Environment Programme (UN Environment). Fabulous architecture worth mentioning includes the Ethnological and national museums, the Holy Trinity Cathedral, and the famous Mercato market.


Without a doubt, it is one of Africa’s most important cities, both economically and politically, with hundreds of local enterprises and significant hub investments.


  • Tunis (Tunisia)

Tunis has evolved into one of the most developed cities in Africa and a tourist destination, making it one of the most visited towns in North Africa, thanks to its modernity.


The city’s hot baths date back to the Antonine emperors of Rome (who ruled in the 2nd century), the heights of Sd-B Sad, the exoticism of its marketplaces (suqs), and the mosque of Al-Zaytnah are all popular tourist sites in the city.


Currently, more than two million people call this amazing city home. It is certainly Northern Africa’s most developed and structured metropolis.


  • Gaborone (Botswana)

The amazing city of Gaborone is located at the heart of Botswana and Southern Africa. It is a magnificent city that presents a vibrant infrastructure, political stability, and rich cultural heritage.


The vast amount of diamonds that have been mined over the years in the area has immensely contributed to its success. Gaborone is currently one of the largest diamond producers in the world.

Get a sense of the nation, sample its cuisine and culture, and browse for local products before venturing out in search of animals and natural spots in the region.


  • Dakar (Senegal)

On the West African coast, Dakar is a major seaport. Senegal’s capital and largest city, Dakar are located halfway between the Gambia and Senegal rivers on the southeast side of the Cape Verde Peninsula.


With a population of more than 1 million people, the city of Dakar is expecting an increase in population and economic status of more than 10% percent in the next several decades.

It is currently home to many historical African museums.

As of 2025, Dakar’s population is expected to rise by 52 percent from 2.8 million in 2005 to 4.2 million.


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