5 Amazing Cities In Nigeria


Has it ever crossed your mind to tour any of the major and beautiful cities in Nigeria? The following cities in Nigeria will lure you into touring the whole of Nigeria.


  • Calabar

Calabar is a port city in southern Nigeria, near the Cameroon border. The capital of Cross River State, it sits on a hill near the Calabar River and the Cross River delta. British colonial architecture fills the city’s older sections, including Henshaw Town, Duke Town and the waterfront area. Dating from the 19th century, Duke Town Cathedral is one of Nigeria’s oldest churches.

Located in southeastern Nigeria and watered by the Great Kwa and Calabar rivers, the city is home to a variety of attractions such as Obudu Cattle Ranch and Tinapa Resort. The city attracts visitors with its array of tasty delicacies, beautiful architecture and festivals. Every year, Calabar hosts Africa’s biggest street party known as the Calabar Carnival, where diverse colourful cultural costumes are displayed. For indigenous vacations in Nigeria, Calabar is often the first location that comes to mind, hence why it’s among the most beautiful cities in Nigeria.


  • Ibadan

Ibadan is located in south-western Nigeria, 128 kilometres (80 mi) inland northeast of Lagos and 530 kilometres (330 mi) southwest of Abuja, the federal capital. It is a prominent transit point between the coastal region and areas in the hinterland of the country. Ibadan had been the administrative centre of the old western regions since the early days of British colonial rule, and parts of the city’s ancient protective walls still stand to this day. The principal inhabitants of the city are the Yoruba people , as well as various communities. 

Ibadan, also known as the ‘ancient city’ is the capital of Oyo State. Located in the southwestern part of Nigeria, it is densely populated with so many industrial and commercial activities. This city has the first advanced learning institution – the University of Ibadan, the first skyscraper (Cocoa house) and the first teaching hospital in Africa. This city is known for tourism too, with a remarkable museum in the African study institution, botanical and zoological garden in Agodi and in the University of Ibadan. This is why Ibadan is one of the most beautiful cities in Nigeria.


  • Minna

Minna has many educational institutions, including: The federal university of technology , Niger state school of health, Niger state school of nursing and Midwifery, Niger state university of Education among others. With many high schools as father O’Connell science college , D.S.S Limawa, Kowa Schools, El-Bethel Academy, Jocis Schools, Hilltop Model School, Mypa schools, Himma international school, Police secondary school, El Amin international school , FOMWAN Schools, New Horizon college , Divine Excellence International Schools and Brighter International Schools, among many others. The above-mentioned schools are the pioneering high schools in Minna. Minna has many primary health clinics with the General hospital, Minna serving as the general health care.

Located in the west-central part of Nigeria, Minna is a quiet and beautiful city in Nigeria. According to history, Minna was a labour camp for railway construction and this led to the gradual development of the town to the major commercial city it is today. This town is not densely populated and it has a blend of several cultures and lifestyles. Minna has some notable tourist sites to her name, amongst which are the Gurara Falls, Baro Port, The Wushishi Transway Engine (first railway locomotive engine) and others, like Kainji Lake National Park which is not too far from the city.


  • Port Harcourt

The area that became Port Harcourt in 1912 was before that part of Fishing settlements (fishing ports) also called Borikiri in the Okrika language and the farmlands of the Diobu village group of the Ikwerre  ethnicity. The colonial administration of Nigeria  created the port to export coal from the collieries of Enugu located 243 kilometres (151 mi) north of Port Harcourt,to which it was linked by a railway called the Eastern Line, also built by the British .

You can’t list the most beautiful cities in Nigeria without Port Harcourt. This city was described as a “centre of black jewel” (oil). Port Harcourt is the state capital of Rivers State located in the south region of Nigeria. This town is known for its level of commerce as far back as 1912 due to the presence of the seaports used for exporting. It is home to so many multinational companies, most of which are affiliated with oil and gas. Port Harcourt is home to many tourist sites such as Isaac Boro Park, Bony Island and Ifoko Beach.


  • Abuja

Nigeria’s federal capital, Abuja, is one of the most developed and most beautiful cities in Nigeria. Abuja is Nigeria’s seat of power and it is believed that in Abuja, life is good. Whether rich, middle class or poor, there somehow is a place for all. While in Abuja, experience a different kind of sightseeing that will make your visit memorable. Places like Jabi Lake and Millennium Park are really cool spots to unwind and have fun. For folks who love to shop, some of the big shopping stores in Abuja will give you value for your money.


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