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5 Ghanaian Meals Everyone Must Enjoy


Ghana has amazing delicacies. It ranges from street foods to traditional meals. Because the country is a multicultural state, you will see the whole country enjoying a particular meal favoured by a certain tribe. It is just a matter of how delicious the meal is.

Certain sumptuous meals are not made as home-cooked meals. They are found with street vendors. The reasonable excuse is that the meals may take unnecessarily long to cook or it is a tribal meal that food lovers may not have the secret recipe.

All the same, Ghanaians enjoy every meal in full delight. There are some Ghanaian meals that everyone must try. In the subsequent paragraphs, you will read about foods ranging from street snacks to finger-licking home-cooked meals.

5. Kofi Broke Man

Kofi Broke man

The moderate price of this street snack inspired the name “Kofi Broke Man”. It meant that no matter how broke you are, you would still be able to enjoy this food.

Kofi Broke Man is a meal of roasted plantain eaten with roasted groundnuts. It is usually roasted during lunch hours so that office workers, students, hawkers, bus riders, and so on can have the food as lunch.

Although it has a low price, it is a surprisingly filling meal. It only asks that you drink water consistently until the day ends to go home and make a healthy home-cooked meal.

Kofi Broke Man, despite being popular for its cheap price, can get expensive sometimes. Usually, 2 Cedis of roasted plantain and 50 pesewas of groundnuts should be enough. But in times where plantain isn’t in season, Kofi Broke Man isn’t for the Broke anymore.

No matter what, it is one of the Ghanaian meals everyone must taste.

4. Waakye


Waakye is one of the Ghanaian meals everyone must taste. It originates from the northern part of Ghana or particularly the Hausas. Although it can be cooked in a few hours, Ghanaians would rather buy from the street vendors that are usually Hausas.

Waakye is a meal of beans and rice cooked together with dried millet stalk leaves to give it a reddish tinge. It is accompanied by stew and what is locally known as Shito. Ghanaians prefer to eat this meal with a bit of macaroni, maybe gari, or even salad with meat, fish or wele.

Despite waakye being a heavy meal, Ghanaians have it as breakfast for worry that the beans might hurt the tummy should waakye be taken at a late hour.

3. Red Red

Red Red

Red red is a simple yet delicious meal of boiled beans with red oil. The oil is fried with onions and some pepper to taste. The beans are served with the oil poured on it, which makes it  look red, thus the name Red Red.

This meal is accompanied by ripe plantains. This delicacy is a go-to meal for Ghanaians that enjoy it and it is one of the Ghanaian meals that everyone must taste. It is extremely filling and only needs constant water intake.

Students and workers patronize red red a lot because of its filling nature and how cheap it is. Although it is an easy home-cooked meal, it tastes provocatively better when bought from street vendors.

2. Fufu

Fufu is an Akan meal adopted by the rest of the tribes in Ghana and popular in other West African countries. Fufu is made of boiled cassava mixed with mainly plantain or cocoyam. The cassava and plantain are pounded differently and then mixed, pounded until the desired smoothness is reached. 

Pounding fufu requires labour. It is normal to see husbands pounding with a pestle and their wives turning the fufu with their right hand in the mortar. 

Fufu is enjoyed with delicious soups like light soup, peanut butter soup, better known as groundnuts soup, palm nut soups, and abunabun soup ( a greenish soup). 

This is one of the Ghanaian meals everyone must taste for its deliciousness. For some, it is enjoyed on special occasions. Busy families try to make it on weekends. It can also be enjoyed in a restaurant, but you might want to resort to one of the ‘chop bars’ or restaurants around if that is your choice.

1.Banku with okro stew

Banku and Okro Stew

Banku with okro stew is one of the meals Ghanaians can’t do without which is why it is one of the Ghanaian meals that everyone must taste.

Okro stew is made of finely chopped okra, tomato base, palm fruit oil, and an assortment of meat and fish. A great okro stew usually has some beef, cowhide popularly known as Wele, shrimps, and crabs. 

Banku, the staple food eaten with the okro stew, is made with Cassava dough and Corn dough.

This swallow meal is highly enjoyed all over Ghana. There is never a fruitful week for a Ghanaian without banku and tilapia. 


These are just but a few Ghanaian meals that everyone must taste once they find themselves in Ghana. These meals are highly nutritional and delicious.

Which one of these meals is your favourite?  Which one would you want to take? And if you’ve already taken any of them, kindly share your review with us in the comment box below.

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