5 Interesting Facts About Seychelles


Seychelles islands are home to some of the world’s most incredible treasures like plants and places, and it boasts of a rich history and diverse culture from all over the world.

The Seychelles Islands is a home to many  and a place of excitement.

If you’ve ever thought about visiting the Seychelles Islands but don’t know where to start:


  • The Moringa

The moringa trees, which grow in abundance on the islands, are one of the world’s top superfoods and contains some of the highest levels of anti-oxidants, is rich in iron and is currently being researched as part of treatments for cancer. The leaves are used to make a delicious soup cooked with onions, tomatoes and often some friend fish. The powdered form of moringa is sold as a superfood in places like Holland and Barret in Europe.


  • Bat Curry?

2. Famous dishes of the Seychelles include fruit bat curry, coconut curry made with the skin of the head of a shark (kari koko lapo latet reken), grilled fish in banana leaves with onion and tomato sauce, rougai sosis (sausages cooked in a spicey tomato sauce), octopus curry and all manner of fruit and vegetable chutney.

Seychellois cuisine is the cuisine  of the Republic of Seychelles , an archipelago  country consisting of 115 islands . Fish plays a prominent part in country’s cuisine because of its location in the Indian ocean . The Seychelles’s cuisine has been influenced by African , British, French, spanish, Indian  and Chinese cuisine

The fruit bats was initially enjoyed by the slaves who had  little access to meat. The bats, which were very abundant at that time, were caught by hitting them  with stones , as well as by using wooden clubs, slings and catapults. The landowners in the early 1940s, who had by then also developed a taste for the fruit bats,  bought air rifles for the purpose of shooting them. 

Unfortunately, after the coup d’ etat in 1977 all rifles had to be handed in to the authorities. Consequently, the population of fruit bats soared, to the extent that they were considered as  pests simply because they would pick ripe fruits before their rightful owners could harvest them.

Other ways to catch them had to be found and the main method to catch them was by using a big net, strategically placed between two fruit trees that are bearing ripe fruits. They would fly into the net and get tangled up. This method is still being used to this day. There are other methods being used but the net is the most humane one.


  • The Flag

The flag consists of five different coloured bands (blue, yellow, red, white, and green) starting from one end and diverging towards the other end.The oblique bands symbolize a dynamic new country moving into the future. The colour blue depicts the sky and the sea that surrounds the Seychelles. Yellow is for the sun which gives light and life, red symbolizes the people and their determination to work for the future in unity and love, while the white band represents social justice and harmony. The green depicts the land and natural environment.


  • Inspiration

The islands have offered inspiration to many authors and artists including James Bond writer Ian Fleming in 1958. It’s similarly been visited by many famous actors such as Omar Sharif and singers such as Elton John. The Prince and Princess of Cambridge even spent their honeymoon on the resort on North Island.


  • Democracy

The Republic of Seychelles is a democracy, with an elected President and Parliament. We have a hybrid legal system, having retained some aspects of the French Civil Code and the English Common Law from the respective periods of colonization. The islands got their independence from the English as recent as 1976.

The politics of Seychelles have historical roots in both one party socialism and automatic  rule. Following independence from the United Kingdom in 1976, Seychelles was a sovereign republic until 1977, when the original President and leader of the Seychelles democratic party, James mancham , was overthrown in a bloodless coup by the Prime Minister France Albert Rene’.

René installed a single party socialist state under the Seychelles people’s progressive front which remained in place until 1993, when multiparty elections took place for the first time since independence. Modern day Seychelles governance takes place in a framework of a presidential republic, whereby the President of Seychelles  is both head of state  and head of government , and of a multi party system . Executive power is exercised by the government. Legislative power  is vested in both the government  and the National assembly .

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5 Interesting Facts About Seychelles About Seychelles islands are home to some

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