5 Mind Blowing Festivals Celebrated By Algerians


Contemporary Algerian cinema  is various in terms of genre, exploring a wider range of themes and issues. There has been a transition from cinema which focused on the war of independence to films more concerned with the everyday lives of Algerians.

Festivals celebration in every country portrays the real cultural values and traditions of the country.

In the likes of many country, festival celebration unites and cement the fact that their country is filled with lots of exciting stories and history.

Algeria is of know difference as they have mind blowing festivals that you didn’t know about 

Below are amongst  5 unique festivals celebrated in Algeria 


  • Strawberry Festival 

Festivals and fairs are organized throughout the various regions of Algeria to celebrate history, culture, music, food, arts and crafts.These celebrations set a great occasion to showcase the ancestral traditions, customs and overall cultural heritage of each area of the country.

From May 21 to 23 each year, the city of Skikda hosts the Strawberry Festival in celebration of strawberry, a fruit that the region produces in abundance. This occasion welcomes strawberry’s producers and brings together visitors and individuals from across the country.

The Florida Strawberry Festival represents a piece of Americana, a time in American history when fairs and festivals brought communities together through celebrations of their harvests. It has continued to grow in popularity year after year through the preservation of this heritage. Central to its focus, the Festival continues to preserve and enhance the agricultural and historical legacy of the Florida strawberry.

Further, steeped in tradition, the Florida Strawberry Festival is alive with volunteer spirit, uniting people from all parts of Plant City, Florida and the surrounding area. The event began back in 1930 when members of the newly organized Plant City Lions Club conceived the idea of an event to celebrate the bountiful harvest of strawberries.


  • Ghardaia carpet festival 

The city of Ghardaia is located in the Gharadaia Province of Algeria and is situated approximately three hundred and seventy miles outside of Algiers. It is a historical city that was established in the eleventh century. Its structures and buildings have survived for centuries and the city has remained true to its ancient cultures and traditions, maintaining its uniqueness through urban planning; thus the Ghardaia Province was recognized in 1982 on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

They weave their unique carpets from goat hair and their patterns are geometric and simple, but absolute masterpieces. Generally the carpets are black and white, but with the annual Ghardaia Carpet Festival each year, it has become a contest amongst the best carpet weavers. Weavers from across Algeria attend the Ghardaia Festival each year to enter into competitions to find out who is the best weaver of the year and to display their great variety of carpets to the thousands of visitors who attend the festival each year.

No trees are cut down in the city as locals believe they are living forms, so wood is only used for roofing and other crafts once a tree has died. This oasis has also been a popular trading post for centuries, with nomads and traders moving through the city. But there is one craft that the city is famous for, and that is carpet making.


  • Saharan international film festival 

The Sahara International Film Festival, also known as FiSahara, is an annual event which takes place in the Sahrawi refugee camp , at the southwest corner of Algeria , near the border with western Sahara . It is the only film festival  in the world held in a refugee camp.

For its first three years, FiSahara was held alternately in the Wilaya of Smara, the Wilaya of Ausserd, and the Wilaya of El Aaiun. Since 2007, the festival has been staged in the Wilaya of Dakhla . The event is backed by the Polisaro front,but largely organised and funded by donors from spain, the former colonial power in Western Sahara. The festival has attracted support from Spanish film celebrities, including Pedro, Macao’s have performed in concerts during the festival.


  • European Cultural Festival

This festival bring together individuals from some European countries to Algeria where concerts, art and photography exhibitions, theater, dance performances and movie screenings take place every year in a feast of multiculturalism and diversification. This two week event attracts artists from various countries, while activities are held all over the country from Algiers to Constantine and from Tlemcen to Oran.The festival also binds the relationship of Algeria with other countries in of economy and other relevant areas of  of importance.


  • Festival of du Rai d’Oran

The festival meant to celebrate the hardwork of music bring together a lot of musicians and performances from great music composers to climax the day with a lot of good music.

Rai d’Oran is an yearly event held every August aiming to celebrate the popular Algerian genre of rai music.  This music genre that appeared in the 30s is a type of folk music that was born in the cities, Oran and Aïn Témouchent, from Bedouin shepherds, mixed with Spanish, French and Arabic sounds.

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5 Mind Blowing Festivals Celebrated By Algerians About Contemporary Algerian

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5 Mind Blowing Festivals Celebrated By Algerians About Contemporary Algerian

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