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5 Reasons Why Ghana Is The Gateway To Africa

Gateway To Africa – Ghana

“The Gateway to Africa” this phrase is mainly associated with Ghana, and you may wonder why its Ghana and not some other random country. Hopefully this article elaborates on why Ghana is the Gateway to Africa and also why we think its the best country to get introduced into Africa

1. Hospitality

gateway to africa
Friendly Ghanaians – WebNationsGh News

Ghanaians are known to be very welcoming and friendly to the people around them. Majority of Ghanaians don’t mind to take time out of their day to help you with your needs. Maybe you’re a tourist seeking help with a task, there’s guaranteed to be a handful of people ready to assist you with your problems. Ghanaians really believe in the safety and health of one another, therefore human life is valued unlike some other African Countries. This is really important because first impressions do count and no one would be comfortable in a country where the citizens are known for being rude or impolite.

2. Arts & Culture

Ghana is home to one of the biggest music industries in the whole of Africa possibly even the whole world. Home to artistes such as Cina Soul, D-Black, Reggie Rockstone, Shatta Wale, Stonebwoy, Medikal, M.anifest , MzVee, Sarkodie, Kojo Antwi and more… You may click on the links to view the individual artistes and their history on Wikipedia.

Not only is Ghana huge in the music scene, but also filled with cultural practices that are still taken seriously. Below are just a few examples to check out.


Homowo Festival - Celebration of Harvest | BreathList
Homowo Festival – webnationsGh News

Homowo is a harvest festival celebrated by the people of the Ga ethnic group in Ghana . This festival begins in early June through August with the planting of crops like yam and maize before the beginning of the rainy season. During homowo, The Ga people perform the traditional Kpanlogo dance. Homowo is celebrated in the remembrance of the famine that once happened in the history of The Ga people celebrate Homowo in the remembrance of the famine that once happened in their history in prior to the colonization of Ghana.


Hogbetsotso Festival – WebnationsGh News

The Hogbetsotso festival is celebrated by the chiefs and people of Anlo located in the Volta region of Ghana. The festival is celebrated annually on the first Saturday during the month of November. The name of the festival is obtained from the Ewe language which means “festival of exodus“. The celebration of the festival was set in motion about 40 years ago.


Bakatue Festival on Behance
Bakatue Festival – WebnationsGh News

The Bakatue Festival is celebrated by the chiefs and peoples of Elmina located in the Central Region of Ghana. The festival, established at least as far back as 1847, This festival is celebrated on the first Tuesday in the month of July every year and we definitely recommend you experience whenever you’re in Ghana.

3. Historical Sites

Ghana is home to a lot of historical sites. These locations have a long history associated with them and they contribute to the history of Ghana.


Elmina Castle - Slave Castles In Ghana webnationsgh news
Elmina Castle – WebnationsGh News gateway to africa

Elmina Castle also known as Castelo de Sao Jorge da Mina was built by the Portuguese in 1482 It was the first trading post built on the Gulf of Guinea, and the oldest European building in existence south of the Sahara. First established as a trade settlement, the castle later became one of the most important stops on the route of the Atlantic slave trade. This site is now a tourist spot and can be explored freely when you visit Ghana.


Cape Coast Castle (1652- ) •
Cape Coast Castle – WebNationsGh News

Cape Coast Castle is one out of forty “slave castles” built by European Slave Traders. Initially built in 1555 by the Portuguese to use trading post which they dubbed Cabo Carso. The main purpose was to trade in timber and gold, however it was later used in the Trans-Atlantic. It was used to keep slaves before they were loaded into slave ships and sold. This place was also known as the “gate of no return” as no one ever came back when they went through those gates.

4. Tranquility

Ghana is a really peaceful country, and it has the scenery to match as expected of the gateway to africa. Here are a few examples of places that we recommended to visit when you’re Ghana, and also what makes it stand out from most other African countries.


Sunset African Tours » Aburi Botanical Gardens & Mampong Tour | 1 day
Aburi Botanical Gardens – WebnationsGh News (gateway to africa)

Aburi Botanical Gardens is a botanical garden in Aburi located in the Eastern region of South Ghana. The garden was opened in March 1890 and currently occupies a space of 64.8 hectares. It was founded by Gorvenor Willian Brandfor Griffith and Dr John Farrell Easmon.

Prior to the establishment of the Aburi Botanical Garden, it was the host to a sanotorium built during 1875 for government officials. Later on it was converted to a Botanic Department under the supervision of William Brandforth-Griffith and Alexander Worthy Clerk. The gardens contributed to the increase of cocoa production in South Ghana, and later on delved into rubber production in Ghana.


Boti Falls, Eastern Region, Ghana | Africa travel, Ghana travel, Ghana
Boti Falls – WebnationsGH News

Boti falls is a twin waterfall located at Boti in Manya Krobo in the Eastern Region of Ghana. These twin falls are referred to as female and male by the residents in that area.

The waterfalls can be found 17km North-east of Koforidua, which is the eastern regional capital. Depending on the mode of transportation, it could take you 90 minutes or more if you plan to visit from Accra, however coming from koforidua, it should take you less than half an hour to get there.

5. Natural Resources

Ghana's industrial gold output sees 6% increment in 2019 – CTW Ghana
Natural Resources Ghana – WebnationsGH News (gateway to africa)

Ghana is blessed with valuable natural resources, examples include Timber, Gold, Diamonds, Bauxite, Manganese and Oil. All these makes it one of the wealthiest nations in West Africa. Companies attracted by these resources also invest in Ghana, therefore it also one of the most advanced countries in Africa. You can tell just by walking through the Kotoka International Airport.

All These factors contribute to the elevated status that Ghana has in Africa and also shows why it deserves its title as the “Gateway to Africa”. Its the best place anyone new to Africa could start from. From the amount of Tourist sites, Variety of music, Deep culture and many more.. what else could you possibly need?

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Does Ghana really Deserve the title of “Gateway to Africa” ?

We would love to know your thoughts in the comment section below, Feedback also appreciated.

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