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5 Things Considered Rude in Africa

Things Considered Rude In Africa

Africa is a huge continent with plenty of people. Humans are humans and we get offended every day. Planning your next trip to Africa and trying to not bring shame to yourself? Well continue reading below and learn from what we consider to be some of the most important things to take note of so you don’t appear rude or uncultured. Most people won’t care about this but it is better to be informed than to go in blind.

1. Pointing

Pointing African hand stock photo. Image of background - 8217624

This is a common thing around the world. We all know not to point at people in public. This is very important in Africa. It is considered rude to point at something or someone in Africa, not only because it is rude, but also because it may draw unwanted attention to you, and no one wants that. it can be really embarrassing to be in a situation like that. So avoid that altogether and stay on the safe side.

2. Talking Over Meals

School meals crisis hits 1.5m vulnerable children in West and Central Africa  ✎ Theirworld
African Kids Eating

Meal time is considered really important in Africa, therefore talking during meals is a big NO. There are many types of food made with palm oil also known as red oil, and having that choke you while eating is very disastrous. could ruin a meal for anyone. Therefore we don’t talk especially when eating red oil. Another reason is that it is plain disrespectful. having another person keep talking while you’re trying to enjoy your meal really can kill the whole vibe.

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3. Personal Space

rude in africa
Busy African Market

This is really important, as humans we need personal space to think, explore our inner conscience and also to unwind from the day. However, in Africa, you might need to share some of that personal space, especially in public. An example is during the commute. There are many methods of transportation in Africa and using them will require you to at least sit really close to someone… like really close… showing dissatisfaction would likely put you in a situation you wish you avoided. The best to do is put up with it. Trust me, the person squeezing in next to you is uncomfortable too.

4. KMT or Hissing Sounds

Rude in Africa
KMT – Rude in Africa


KMT or hissing sounds. This is normally done to show disdain for someone and is considered really disrespectful, especially when talking to someone older than you. Just don’t do it, people like that are considered uneducated. It’s a different issue when using it with friends, but with elders and strangers. Just avoid it. Read more on it Here

5. Eating Manners

Rude In Africa
African Child Eating – Rude in Africa

This is really important coupled with not talking during meals. Eating neatly is a big part of this. In Africa or some parts of Africa, food is shared among friends. And having bad eating manners would ruin the food for everyone else. You probably won’t be invited to eat with them again. Might not be a big issue if you don’t care, but to be the only one not invited when your friends are eating doesn’t really sound nice.

One thing to keep in mind is to always eat with your right hand and your mouth closed. This doesn’t really matter when eating alone, but when with someone then it’s a must, the left hand is considered unsanitary, so the right is preferred. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t wash both hands before you eat. KEEP GOOD PERSONAL HYGIENE!!!


That’s it for 5 Things considered rude in Africa. We hope this helps anyone looking to travel to Africa. Did we miss something? Something you want us to add? Ever been in one of these situations? Share your experience in the comments section below and we will reply asap.

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