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Can You Live On 100 USD A Month In Ghana

Can you live on 100 USD a month in Ghana?
Read more to find out
Can you live on 100 usd per in Ghana
100 USD Bills

100 USD might seem like nothing to most people but to other people, earning that much money a month would be a blessing. 

So what exactly is a 100 USD worth in the Ghanaian currency? 

If we convert it, it comes to about 570 Ghanaian cedis. Which most people call 5.7 million(that is in the old currency).
So what exactly can you do with 570 cedis or 5.7 million. 

First things first, you could probably buy a Tecno / Infinix / Itel smartphone for about 400 cedis and have 170 over to spend on other items. Or maybe spend it on 11 Pizzas. Who cares, it’s your money anyway. You can live on 100 USD however you want.

However, once we go into the basic cost of living, 570 is barely enough.

Let’s break it down. 

Assuming you’ve already had your rent sorted out (generally it’s paid upfront, not on a monthly basis). 
What’s next are the basic needs with the important ones being food, water and electricity. 

This really depends on the area you live in. Lower income areas have lower fees and cost of goods. Your landlord might charge you 20 for electricity and water every week totaling 80 a month. That automatically leaves you with 490

Next are food items. This also depends on a few factors. Your location and the current state of the economy. 

As an example, During the coronavirus craze, it cost less to eat outside than to cook. Prices of foodstuff doubled in price. Which really affected lots of families. 

So as an individual in this situation you could cook and save some money. Or you could spend 10 cedis a day on food, that is morning and evening. 

This would add up to about 300 cedis a month. Leaving you with 190 cedis. And then there you go. That’s your transport fee, assuming you might need to commute to work daily. 

Let’s take the alternative route, where an individual decides to cook instead of eating outside. Half a sack of rice may cost around 110. That means you have 190 left for food. Next would be trying to skillfully spend the rest of the money on ingredients to eat half the sack of rice with. 

We won’t go into detail concerning that part. Price fluctuates so much that providing an accurate number would be impossible.

All these are based on the assumption that the individual lives alone, has only himself/herself to provide for and has no social life. If not then the expenditure would at least double. 

Still wondering if it’s possible to live on 100 USD?

Well, it still depends on quite a few things. The location where the individual resides, how far the individual commutes for work and a few other important things. 

Of course one might disagree and claim that it’s easy to live on 100 USD which obviously means they disagree with a few of our prices or points. However the goal here is to stay healthy, be physically fit and consume the recommended nutrition amount daily. And also maintain a balanced diet. We aren’t here to starve you. That would defeat the purpose.

Overall 100 USD is barely enough. 

However the sad reality is that most people do live like this. Most earn 300-700 a month and you sometimes wonder how they manage to live life this way. 

The answer isn’t really hard to come by. People are really kind in Ghana, most won’t sit and watch another person go hungry. I guess this is what keeps most people going till they can provide for themselves properly. 

Can you live on 100 USD a month? We’d love to know how you’d get by. Don’t be shy to drop your thoughts in the comments section below. 

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