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History & Culture

The History and Culture of the African Continent.

  1. History & Culture
  Muslims in West Africa A reasonable body of sources for the writing of western African history begins to be available about 1000 CE. Three centuries earlier the Arabs had completed their conquest of Africa north of the Sahara and so came into possession of the northern termini of trade routes reaching across the desert to western […]
  1. History & Culture
Guide to Pidgin English  What’s pidgin English exactly? It’s basically broken English or simplified English. Really really simplified, you’d be shocked how easy it is to pick up. Over here in West Africa, it’s considered “street” language. Mainly because the majority of the people who use are the common folks and also because it’s really casual. […]
  1. History & Culture
Africa and Traditionalism When someone says traditionalism or mentions fetish priests etc… We immediately think about sacrifices and killing. However what if there is another way to look at this. Generally this is a topic no one really wants to cover. We discuss Africa and Traditionalism from both perspectives below. Africa has become ingrained with Christianity […]
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