Gas Station in the NorthWest Chapter 24

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Da Hua patted Chen Mu’s shoulder with a little sympathy, raised his hand and gave himself a mouthful of wine, then sighed with deep feeling: “It seems your situation is the same as mine, my father has been forcing me to go back to inherit his business, which is driving me crazy …… Alas, I’m not a person who likes to be constrained. of people, the thought of my dad’s company with assets of tens of billions of dollars, hundreds of employees and so much responsibility make me tremble all over.”

I’m the one who is shaking all over with fear, OK? ……


When Chen Mu heard the words “assets of tens of billions”, his little heart almost popped out.


He took a serious look at the bearded man’s pained face to make sure that the other party wasn’t just messing around, before he hugged the other party’s shoulder and said with a sense of conviction, “It will be fine, everything will be fine.”


No matter who it was, being able to inherit tens of billions of dollars in assets was a good thing for luck, this could be guaranteed.


Over the drinks, Chen Mu learned many things from the four tourists.


They all came from an outdoor off-road club called the Row Wild Club, which is a small group of people who like to drive off-road, with more than five hundred members.


Dahua and the others were the first members of the club to test the waters, wanting to see if the conditions were really as good as Cheng Zijun described.


If the water test felt good this time, people would definitely come afterwards.


Moreover, Dahua and the others had also said that they had joined more than one club, and if they felt good about it later, they would recommend it to other clubs, and there would definitely be more people coming here then.


Chen Mu was very excited after hearing these circumstances, he could see that Cheng Zijun and Dahua’s group were all rich and time-sensitive masters, and if he could recruit such fine guests, would he still need to worry about making money? of course not!

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