Gas Station in the NorthWest Chapter 24

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The next day, Guide Chen saddled up and led the four tourists on camels and started the journey.


This time Kensol had gotten six camels, and not only did the tourists get to ride them, but also Chen Mu and the old Uyghur man rode one camel each.


Previously, Chen Mu had paid him two hundred yuan at the price of fifty yuan per camel to give him a taste of sweetness, so this time he had brought all the adult camels in his family over, ready to win with quantity and make more money from Chen Mu.


When they came to the home of the old Uyghur man again, Auntie Guli and her sister-in-law Rui Khan came out to greet the guests, dressed in their unique Uyghur national costumes.


The first time they came to the house, they still felt restrained, but this time, after the experience, they became confident, smiled and said a few words of welcome, then took the initiative to stand aside, smiling and watching the four tourists around the courtyard.

They all remembered what Chen Mu had told them to do: these city dwellers had never seen an ordinary house in an Uyghur village, so they liked the old and worn-out things in their homes, but they were all new to the city people.


In the evening, they had a grand dinner of noodle cake, roast pork and naan, and the four tourists ate happily and got drunk on the wine.


For the next two days, Chen Mu led the four tourists, repeating the route that Cheng Zijun and the others had taken before, and everything went smoothly until the third morning when there was a slight mishap.

“We won’t go to the sand control area today, let’s take a break and see how things are in the afternoon.”

Chen Mu hadn’t looked at the black technology map for the past two days, and after taking a glance at it on such a whim just now, something went wrong, and he was busy changing the travel plan he had already arranged.

“What’s wrong?”


The tourists were a bit puzzled.

The previous two days, in general, they were very satisfied, the local customs and everything here brought them enough freshness, this was unique to them. this was their consensus, the experience made them feel this trip was worth it.

They had originally agreed to go to the sand control area today to experience how to make a grass square windbreak tent, but Chen Mu suddenly said that he wanted to take a break, which left them a little confused.

“There might be a sandstorm later, let’s take shelter until the sandstorm passes.”

Chen Mu thought about it and explained a little.

He didn’t dare say it confidently. only saying “there might be”, after all, he hadn’t verified the accuracy of the godly map in this aspect of weather forecasting, it was better to leave a little leeway in everything, so as not to screw himself to death and affect the image of the wise and powerful tour guide he had created along the way.


Dahua looked at the sky.

The sun was blazing hot and there wasn’t even a bit of wind around, where did it look like there was a sandstorm?

“Trust me, let’s wait and see.”

Chen Mu waved his hand and went back to find Jian Sol and the old Uyghur man, ready for them to prepare and remove the bags from the camels so that the sandstorm wouldn’t come and scare the camels and dirty the bags.

When Kensol and the Uyghur old man heard Chen Mu say that there would be a sandstorm, they acted half-heartedly.

If it wasn’t for the fact that Chen Mu wasn’t wearing the aura of “being valued by the great mullah of Alimu” and “being favoured by the great messenger of Hu”, they would have asked questions immediately.

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