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Palace of the Lost City: The Embodiment of Nature and Luxury

For all dreamers of luxury from countries all over the world, this is one of the most exotic resort centers in South Africa. Lets dive into the luxury of the Palace of the Lost City!

It is a unique setting in South Africa that has its base on an extinct volcanic site among the Pilanesberg Mountains.

The architectural design and finishing in the Palace of the Lost City are matched and inspired by a passionate attention to the detailing of the surrounding for which the Palace of the Lost City is renowned.

If you are a lover and admirer of colorful design patterns, then this is the place for you! Situated in Sun City is the luxurious hotel that is surrounded by beautiful work of art that integrates excellence around the five-star hotel.

Palace of the Lost City: The Embodiment of Nature and Luxury

The hotel’s beauty owes it to an old lost African tribe with a very rich culture. The ideology of the beauty that resonates around the environment comes from this reality.

A lot of sculptured and faux elephant tusks are found in the Palace of the Lost City, positioned in different sections of the environment around the hotel. Also, you can find richly woven colors, sculptured bronze, and crystals.

The hotel has such a great landscape that is depicted through the presence of wild beasts like lions, kudus, birds, and beasts of all kinds.

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These things are immortalized in statues of stone carvings, vaulted ceilings, mosaic illustrations. A glimpse of such a daring landscape is bound to keep an observer in awe. The sheer scale and quality of the masterpiece that’s what it is.

The Palace of the Lost City environment is so spacious and sumptuous that one is left to think of it as being made only to accommodate royals.

Palace of the Lost City: The Embodiment of Nature and Luxury
magnificent interior displays class with a mixture of culture

Having a close observation of the construction reveals that a lot of details have been carefully considered to ensure that visitors and guests coming to the hotel find as much comfort as possible.

The lobby itself is decorated with beautiful mosaic tiles and a lot of aromas can be perceived from the fresh plants and garden that surrounds the massive structure.

The magic of the whole scene in the Palace of the Lost City is created by the beauty of the exquisite suite that bears handcrafted furniture’s which repeats the magic of this remarkable place and offers royal hospitality with breathtaking views over water or jungle.

An open invitation is thrown at you my awesome readers to embark on an adventure of coming to this great empire called the Palace of the Lost City.

Activities you Could Enjoy in the Palace of the Lost City

Palace of the Lost City: The Embodiment of Nature and Luxury

 For in this place you get to enjoy the thrills of wildlife at your doorstep. If you’ve never been on a hot air balloon trip, then I want to inform you that you are missing out on a lot of fun activities.

Game drive is also among the expeditions that you get to have a feel of once you get there.

While in the hot air balloon, you get to observe a great scene of wild animals which include cheetah and wild dogs. These are among the famous Big Five, which can all be found in this place.

There are lots of other privileges that you get to enjoy should you happen to visit the luxury hotel. A wide selection of bars is available for guests to a nice time.

The restaurants in the Palace of the Lost City are also very good as they present a range of varieties of African and continental dishes. For guests who can afford the most expensive suites, also get to have a private butler to run their errands.

Palace of the Lost City: The Embodiment of Nature and Luxury

Orderliness is also maintained in the use of suites to the point that smokers have a special room designed for them so that they can enjoy the luxury of smoking without causing incontinence for non-smokers. If you looking to have a good vacation sometime in Africa, this haven is the spot for you!

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