S Rank Adventurer Deported For Innocent Charges Chapter 85

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Four days were about to pass since then

His Majesty had said the day before yesterday that he had sent a messenger, so if everything went well, she would arrive today.

The round trip was supposed to take about two days.


“There’s something unsettling about that, isn’t there?”

It was probably the first time in five years she had seen her sister.

She was a little anxious and excited.


“Won’t you settle down? Here you go.”

Cecile brought her a cup of tea.

“Thank you.”

She sipped the tea while sitting on the living room sofa

In a daze, Alise waited for the time to pass.

And it was soon a little bit after the afternoon.

Rogel came to report to Alise.

“Miss, your sister has arrived.”

Apparently, her sister had arrived in the Royal Capital

It seems that she was now in the Royal Palace.


Alise was putting on her usual coat and getting ready to leave for the palace at once

“I’m heading out”

“Have a good day.”


She left the mansion after being seen off by Rogel and Cecile. And headed directly to the Royal Palace

“I have an appointment with Your Majesty, the name is Alise Bate.”

She arrived in front of the palace and presented her jet-black guild card and the card with Marquis crest on it to the guard knights.

“I’m sorry, Miss. Please, come on in.”

Today, His Majesty seemed to have announced her arrival beforehand.

When she got to the front door of the royal palace, the door was opened by the attendant.

Then, when she entered, she was led to the parlour.

There was already a woman with long blonde hair similar to His Majesty and Alise.

“Oh, you’re here,”

His Majesty lightly raised his right hand and beckoned her over.

No. A friend, huh?

“Sis ・・・・・・”


It was time for the sisters to reunite.

The younger sister, Marina, had grown up quite well.

She had a well-defined face, vaguely resembling Alise.

I think it was safe to say that they were sisters.

“It’s been a long time since I’ve seen you.”

Yeah, I’m surprised. I was surprised to learn that my sister was expelled from Murren and is now an S-ranked adventurer in the Kingdom of Merus.”

Even though they were sisters, Alise hadn’t told her she was deported.

No wonder she was surprised.


“Thank you for coming.”

“It’s okay. I was sick of Murren, too.”

Apparently, with Arise gone, the military power was stagnant, and at the same time, Taxes were getting higher and higher

“Welcome to the Kingdom of Merus. We’re delighted to welcome you.”

His Majesty the King of Merus said to Marina.

His Majesty had granted Marina permanent residency here in the Kingdom of Merus.

For some reason, the name of Marquis Dion was included in the Guardian column, but is it right to use it without permission?

Well, it’s okay because His Majesty says it’s okay.

Thus, it was decided that Alise’s younger sister Marina would live in the royal capital of Merus.

TN: We caught up to the author a while back, so it’s not necessarily me that is slow, just that I need to wait for the author to post then I translate.

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