The Hero’s Mom Is An Executive Of The Demon King Chapter 20

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After spending a lot of time inside the house due to my foot injury, I developed a passion for cooking.

When I was a housewife, I had taken cooking classes, so I had recipes in my head for chicken soup, jams and bread.

The ingredients and cooking tools were different, so sometimes things didn’t turn out the way I wanted them to, but I had plenty of time to experiment with different things.

Every time there was an unfamiliar food on the table, Garon and Shiva’s eyes lit up.

And so, when the two of them recognized my cooking skills, I finally opened the forbidden door.

I just couldn’t resist the temptation and made a giant pudding that looked like an entire Dutch oven as a container.

When Garon saw the eggs, milk and sugar being mixed together, he knew it was going to be something delicious.

As I was controlling the urge to eat it and telling Garon that it was something to be eaten cold, Shiva magically produced a mass of ice.

(…… Shiva, you too? Well, I’m looking forward to the finished product, too.)

When I opened the lid, just in time for it to cool properly, I saw the glossy surface of the pudding.

I didn’t add vanilla essence, which was a shame because it didn’t have a sweet aroma.

We scooped it up with a large spoon and divided it evenly among the three of us.

The calories were going to be Immense, but I couldn’t just give the pudding away to Garon.

As I scooped up a bite, I felt happy as the sweetness of the pudding flooded my mouth

“Mmmm…so good. What do you think? Is it nice, both of you?”

When I turned to look, Garon and Shiva were looking up at the heavens with their eyes closed.

”It’s good. It’s too good. I’m so moved I’m crying. My mouth has been blessed.”

“You’re amazing!.”


“If you like it so much, I’ll make it for you once in a while. But not every day. Only on special occasions”

Garon’s eyes narrowed happily as he said this.

“hmmm..a special occasion you say …….”

Shiva pondered for a moment.


Then one day, sometime later, Shiva said with a mysterious look on his face.

‘Miho, I’m sorry, but can you make me some pudding tomorrow?”

“No problem, but what’s going on?”

“Oh, I have an audience with the Demon King. I want you to come with me.”


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